Online Sexual Harassment in University/College Survey

Sexual harassment occurs in many forms.

In our continued quest to contribute to the solutions based discussions on how we can end sexual harassment in our society, we have come up with a rapid survey to determine the situation of sexual harassment in Universities/Colleges in Africa today.

Interventions need to be carried out much earlier than when the students join the workforce so as to stamp out this age old vice.  Students need to know their rights in advance so that they can articulate them and protect them through out their lives.

If you are a student in university/college, please take the time to fill in this survey , it will take you a few minutes:

We look forward to your response.

Look out for updates from the survey in the coming months.

If you have any other comments or questions with regards to this survey or on online sexual harassment in universities or colleges, you can post your comments on this page or feel free to write to us: