Roshani Consultancy is keen to help you prepare radio dramas that will reach out to the various audience you are targeting.

We develop:

  • the radio concept as per clients needs
  • develop scripts in various languages (we have a multilingual team at hand)
  • produce dramas in the language of your choice. This includes sourcing for various radio actors according to the language you are interested to broadcast in.
  • we have access to a state of the art studio in a location that is easily accessible.
  • we source radio outlets for you to broadcast the radio dramas.

To sample one of our radio dramas for one of our clients which was tackling gender based violence in various contexts listen to this (The whole piece was 15 mins and was the third part in a five part series. These dramas were produced in two other languages-Luo and Sabaot):

If you would like Roshani Consultancy Services  to produce radio dramas for your organization on topical issues , identify and handle the ideal broadcast stations for you to air the dramas, do not hesitate to get in touch with us:;+254-777-246-939