The online survey dubbed ‘HESHIMA’ (Higlighting and Eliminating Sexual Harassment and Abuse in Media) conducted by Roshani CS, on April 29 – May 27 2019 reveals that sexual harassment in the media in Kenya, is still alive, almost two years since the world woke up to the #MeToo wave.

In this survey there were 70 respondents across various media, counties and with varied media experience. The survey sort to establish the presence of sexual harassment in the media, and putting numbers to years of anecdotes from victims. This anonymous survey established not only the presence of sexual harassment but also the lack of deterrence and complaints mechanism appropriate to address it.

Check out the online survey findings for further details:


The findings of the survey were shared during Media Chat Forum organized by Roshani Consultancy Services at the Internews offices on 18th June 2019. Over 20 media practioners and human rights personnel were in attendance to discuss further on the issue of sexual harassment and abuse in the media in Kenya. The detailed report will be released in July.

The speakers during the forum were: David Omwoyo- CEO,Media Council of Kenya, Mary Kambo- Programme Advisor-Labour Rights, Kenya Human Rights Commission, Joyce Kimani- Journalist, Secretary General, Kenya Correspondent Association and Dr John Ndavula-H.0.D. Communication Studies, St Paul’s University.

If you have any questions or comments with regards to the survey, please get in touch email:; phone: 0777246939