Every once in a while, we get requests at Roshani Consultancy Services to have a talk with people who are in the media industry or aspiring to be in the media industry. At times we also get to chat with organizations that are willing to work with media on a more in depth level on various topical issues that range from media, governance, or how to engage effectively with media based on an organizations project work .

Recently, we got one such invite to talk to the staff from Mtaani Radio.

mtaani picture 2

The theme of the talk was : “Let’s talk abut elections: pre, during and after”. The talk was structured as being part hands on workshop and part discussion. The participants got an opportunity to reflect on past electoral coverage that individuals at the station had covered in previous years, current arising issues on the electoral phase for the staff at the time of the talk (registration of voters) and planning for the next electoral phases up to 8th August 2017.

Mtaani Radio team were so committed to the day long session that four o’clock came too soon. It was refreshing to meet a team that was not afraid to speak candidly. Their openness gave  Roshani Consultancy Services an opportunity to effectively guide the talk towards developing practical solutions and providing tips, that Radio Mtaani can apply in the remaining election phases.

We at Roshani Consultancy Services wish the Mtaani Radio team all the best in their electoral coverage.