During the month of August 2015, Roshani Consultancy Services conducted training for trainers (TOT) dubbed Talking Digital, Changing Lives for a select group of AMWIK members on digital security and advocacy. The training targeted nine journalists and bloggers and the training tools were based on an online pre training needs assessment.

Some of the topics handled during the training included: digital security, policy advocacy, data mining and digital visualization. These tools can be effectively utilized not only at their workplace and in their personal lives but more so in supporting AMWIK to reach out to other organizations further.

The trainings utilized power point presentations; group work, discussions, spectrogram and role play to keep the sessions engaging. The participants also utilized the hashtag #DigitalK_womensafety during the training. It is expected that the participants who attended the training will reach out to other members of AMWIK and members of the society to share the knowledge received.

For a full copy of the report see here.