In the last few weeks, Mary Kiio of Roshani CS , has been in Ethiopia conducting a training targeted to  Eritrean refugees living in the countries camps. These refugees are drawn from various professional backgrounds who have a desire to amplify the voices of refugees through developing audio content.

It has been and continues to be a fantastic time as she has worked with them to nurture their talents in drama, poetry, news bulletin development and panel discussions so as to support them share the various issues affecting them.

The training kicked off with a Training of Trainers  (ToT)of Danish Refugee Council production  team employees. This  team: Yemman Hailesailessie, Haile Abadi and Birhanu Teshe  has been instrumental in co leading the training with Mary for the refugees. A few days ago Winnie Onyimbo also joined the team to contribute further to the production support to the overall team.

Haile Abadi, one of the trainers, recently compiled some of the pictures he had of the trainings and we are delighted to share with you a snippet of what is going on with the team.


We shall keep you updated on the final leg of the workshops and capture some key learning pointers that we think you may find useful.

Mary is working as a consultant of International Media Support and the project was developed and funded by Danish Refugee Council (DRC)  Ethiopia.